This podcast examines the topics of philosophy, theology, and history from a Catholic perspective. Each podcast is 10-15 mins in length, and published (at least) weekly.

My name is Parker Zurbuch, and I am the creator, producer, and host of the "Catholicism in the Car" Podcast and YouTube Channel. I started this channel out of a desire to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church -- once you fall in love with the God "Who is Love," it is difficult not to share that with others.

I am simply a lay Catholic who loves his faith, and the subjects of Philosophy, Theology and History. I am not formally educated in these topics, but do a lot of self-study.

I am a child of God, husband, father, catechist, and amature philosopher/theologian. I reside in Northeastern Indiana (USA) with my beautiful wife and family. I work a full-time job as a Land Surveyor (In Training), and do this ministry part-time. Any support you can give to our mission would be greatly appreciated -- especially prayers! If you feel so called to support us financially, you can do so by following links in our "Support" page on this website.

I also write, occasionally, on a blog page at: